Dears, I need a widget with two input parameters, First one is a microflow and second one is string field that will be passed as input parameter for the microflow, the result of microflow will be boolean (True, False), if the result is false then input control or container will not appear. Please help me with this.
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To build this using out of the box functionality:

  • Create an entity that represents your settings
  • Make a page that allows the admin to edit
  • On your user’s page, model the page so that you have it nested like this:
    • a data view of the settings object
      • a data view of the relevant object for the page you’re on
        • the widgets that you want to be conditionally visible

Now, set conditional visibility on the widgets using an expression. You’ll be able to access the settings object there using $dataView1 or similar.



This sounds like something you may be able to accomplish with Mendix native features.  Can you share more about what you are trying to accomplish?