click Select entity…  option not coming up on right click on Add button

In Rapid Developer (Developer ) course – > Section 4.4 talk about 2 errors.    First one is to add     Select the entity of which this button should create an object.   –to resolve this error  Instructions :    Now that you know what an Object is, you can start solving the first error. In the error list, find the error that is related to the Course_Overview page and click that error. This will open the Course_Overview page with the green Add button selected. Right-click the Add button and click Select entity… .Find the Course entity and click Select. I am not getting any option on right click on add button to select entity option --- Am I missing something  Similarly error-2 steps are not getting followed from tutorial : Tutorial name :  Rapid Developer - Module 4 Mx8 Developer   Mendix studio pro 8.8 
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I was facing the same issue.

So i found the solution.

Right click on button and select properties.


you will get a properties popup window. on that window you will get Events box like this 


In above window you need to select “Create Object” for OnClick then click OK.

After above activity you will the option on right click on add button to select entity option.