Is it possible to develop a studio pro plugin/component to create Mendix App from design document

We want to  create microfilow, page, entities from design documents, i.e. excel. Does Mendix Studio Pro open interfaces for plugin development, so that we can customize Studio Pro to create Mendix App from design document. 
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Hi Zhaojie,

There are several options to do this, you can quickly start an app from an excel sheet.

The other option is to use the ModelSDK to automate certain development tasks.

However the Mendix platform is very well suited for Agile development, which means: fast and iterative development. The tool also supports generating pages from domain model enitities etc. So Mendix low code development really enables you to develop fast. Agile development also means that requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing cross-functional teams, so the design document might be a fixed starting point, but don't forget it is all about continuous feedback from users and being able to respond to that.

I've seen and also built some amazing application solving complex and core business challenges with this platform, and seen some design documents, however I never felt the need to copy the design document to the application. So please really consider why you are doing this and what you hope to achieve with the Mendix platform.


With kind regards,