cannot assign a invisible button action to a close action of a popup page

Hi, All. I have a user case in Studio Pro 8.7. I have a first page with a created Temp object in it (only empty, and I will fill the object with other info in the first page), and pass this object to the next popup page; When I close this popup page with the ‘Close Action’, and back to the first page, the Temp Object is lost. All I need to do will be refresh the page, to create the object again. So I create a button in the popup page to call a microflow to create a Temp Object and open the first page, then I change the close action of the page to link to the button. But if I set the button to invisible, the microflow will not be called. How can I do kind of things like this?
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Hi Andes,

You don't need to create new Temp object. If you just want to close the pop-up then, in the close button microflow you can use ‘close page’ action which will close the pop-up. Even if the close button is not visible (that is display:none; style is applied to button) and you linked button to close action this should work (works fine for me). 


Hope this helps!