Access attributes of associated entity in expression

Hi all, I am displaying an input field in a snippet bound to an entity. This entity has a one to one relationship to another. I am using the associated entity to provide the label and this works fine. I’d then like to use another attribute from the associated entity to control visibility. In the expression editor I can see the associated entity but cannot seem to access any of the attributes from it. In the screenshot you can see that it recognises that the current expression correctly give a Document.FIELD_CFG entity so I try to access the attribute INTYPE with: $currentObject/Document.HEADER_FIELDS_FIELDS_CFG.INTYPE or  $currentObject/Document.HEADER_FIELDS_FIELDS_CFG/INTYPE but these are invalid syntax. Maddening! Any ideas? Thanks, Gregor        
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Hi Gregor,

You cannot use attribute of an associated entity because its not currently allowed. You can only use attribute(s) of context entity and its association(s) to check for empty (e.g. $currentObject/association = empty or $currentObject/association != empty).


Hope this helps!


Thanks for the reply!

Looks like I will need to consolidate the two entities in a microflow or something similar (they were generated from an import mapping on a web service)