Not able to see required entity path in data view

Hello, I am doing crash course. I am at lecture 6.6.1 step no 5. The course shows below entity to be selected. However I am not able to see it when I use select button. What I see is as below. While below is my domain model I am not able to figure out what is wrong. The version is 8.8.1 but I am not able to find it in the drop down so selecting 8.8.0
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Hi Amitkumar,

Do you have a dataview with context object as employee? If not than first have a dataview of employee and then add a nested dataview and the association to account will be available for selection.


Hope this helps!


In order to achieve this you should already have a dataview on your page of employee. Within that you would nest another one. When you make your selection then you should have “Employee” as the first expandable choice. Select the association from there