Error - Unable to view in browser or mobile app when running locally

Hi,   I am trying to view an app that I have built via the browser and my mobile device and neither are working please see screen shots below:     When trying to view in the browser in the Console log of Studio Pro it shows a red message with the following messages for ‘Log node: Connector’ and ‘Message: 404 – file not found for file – openid/login’ I have reviewed the project settings and have noted that on the Runtime tab in the Project settings is set to a MendixSSO_AfterStartup microflow, which I have removed and tried to run the app locally again and it has not resolved the issue.     I have also noted that under the Configuration tab of project settings the application root URL is: http://localhost:8080/      Any suggestions on how to fix would be greatly appreciated as this is stopping me from testing my working and further completing the Rapid Developer (analyst) course.   Regards,   Justin
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You can not run it at local , it is about server to server communication. Need to run on cloud or deploy to server to make it work