Teamcenter Connector - Push Capability

Hello,   I have a custom object (a Workspace Object) from Teamcenter which I like to push it down to Mendix for further processing after a successful approval in Teamcenter workflow.  I am wondering if Tc Connector with Mendix is designed to do this kind of job? From what I learned, Tc Connector is able to pull/query/create data using Teamcenter service endpoints, but can we use it to trigger a push data from Teamcenter side to Mendix microflow for further processing?   Given this scenario, what would be a recommended approach?   Thank you all in advance.
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You need a custom workflow action handler in Teamcenter which calls an endpoint exposed in your Mendix web app. You can send in just the UID of the workspace object and Mendix can use the Teamcenter Connector to Get Properties for this object. After that, do what you need to.