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Using Playwright to perform UI e2e testing


Overview: I like low code testing, and specifically Playwright.  In this seven minute video I outline how to use playwright within Visual Studio Code to validate my site is running and to detect any WCAG issues.  


Using Playwright to run tests against a Mendix App (specifically check a Mendix app for WCAG issues)


Thoughts: Integrating the tests with CI or monitoring would allow you to know the Mendix app is working and it can notify you if any WCAG are detected.   A more reasonable scenario would be to do a simple are you running https test continiously on Mendix every 5 minutes.  As part of the publishing process I'd validate that no WCAG issues are detected.  


Background: I have been using Mendix for a couple of months, it is a good tool with great range, feel free to ask me questions or let me know any useful information.  thanks paul