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Application Test automation as part of build process


As a Mendix developer, I want to be able to write unit tests for my application and then run all of my tests as part of my build pipeline. Currently while I can write the tests, there is no way for me to invoke all of the tests and get back a test report. This is something that is very common on other platforms (e.g. Java can do this with maven test runners that run all my unit tests).

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Hi @Tim, to which function are you referring to & who created it? 




Totaly agree. Every mature IDE has testing included. Module unittest facilitates parts of this and it deserves credit, but a principal engineer at Mendix has created (Edwin Huitema during his time at FlowFabric) a unittest function which far outperforms this limited version by lightyears, including datasets and recording. So let’s incorporate that version of unittesting in the Mendix IDE:

  • Add the option of using a dataset for your unittest;
  • Add the option of recording incoming and outgoing datastream and add that to the dataset;
  • Have the tool prevent database-actions at all whenever possible;
  • Prepare database entries if the test requires those. Remove these after the test;
  • Have reports of the tests per unit, instead of per test;
  • Incorporate it in the CI/CD street.
  • Prevent unittests being run in the production environment