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plural Master data set to ATS2.0 test case


I would like to set plural Master data for a test case.

Test case needs to use various master data.

When I open the test case, I wish to see which master data using in the test case.

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Ok, I understand your question now. 


ATS uses data sets for data-driven test cases, not for what you would like to do with it.


What you want is to make use of global parameters, e.g., things that you define in the tool settings, not within a test case, but that you can use in all test cases. We currently don't offer that functionality, but I think it might be a nice addition. I will discuss this with our R&D team to see if we can add this to ATS.


Yes I have known that I concern that plural data set might driven a multiply. But that thing is not I wished.

I would like to manage plural parameter in the test case, it is not for driven test.

Now one of the my test case have ID/PASS parameter by using master data set functional, because I would like to recycle that parameters for other test case.

I think test case functional should have another tub named "parameter". 

Then "parameter " would like input like master data set functional which means there are Field, Record, and Excel I/O.


Yes, very clear. Thank you.


So what normally happens is that for every record in a linked data set, an instance of the whole test case will be run. So if you have five user/password combinations in your data set, the test case will be executed five times. Now imagine you also have five records with form values in another data set that would also be linked to the test case. Would you then like to

- Run each user/password combination against each from value record? --> Results in twenty-five instances of the test case

- Run five instances of the test case where every user/pass AND every form value record is used at least once? --> Results in five instances of the test case

- Something else?

- Have both options available?


Please let me know what you think. We will also discuss it in the ATS team ourselves and create a change Request for this functionality. I will come back to you about this.


Hi Joris,


My meaning is number 1 in your comment.

I would like to set 2 or more data set in a test case. Those data set have different purpose for using.

For example,

Data set 1 has ID and Pass value, 

Data set 2 has other form values,


something I would like those.

Above those data sets have different fields and record.

Does my response have clarify for you?


I'd like to answer this for you, but could you please clarify how you would like to use this?

I see two options now:


-1- You want to link two different data sets to a test case. For instance, one containing records with login credentials and another containing records with values. that you use to fill in a form.


-2- You want a data-driven test case to sometimes run with data set A and sometimes with data set B. You either want to switch at random or choose when starting a test run.

Please let me know.