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Adding environment to run on a ATS project


No easy way to first add environment after creating first test case and clicking on RUN. Always the need to go into test settings exists. Also only scrum master is able to handle test settings which isnt mentioned by the service desk personnel on the service desk ticket

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Hi yashiro, During demo's some people use free trial licence. In an operational scene, it's not recommended to use a free trial version. As soon you have no minutes left tyou have to arrnage a new licnece using a different e-mail address.


I have watched some ATS 2.0 webinar and all of the presenter used browserstack free trial.

If ATS team user would like to use like above, it is better if user can edit Test settings.

Because free plan has only 100 minutes for using.


Hi Renita,

In ATS2.0 you can set the environment (application to test url) in the Test Settings. This can be done by a member having the Scrum Master role in your sprintr project.

You can set more than one environment.

Running the Test Case or Test Suite gives you the option to choose or change the environment the test case suite is executed on.

Can you please explain why you mean by  setting the environment first?

I will discuss the Scrum master role with our team. I agree that is beteer to have a seperate rol for settings Test settings.

Best regards,

Marcel Janssen