unit testing

Hello, For almost all of our project we are working in team with developpers and one QA, the QA is only doing manual testing for now. We saw there is a module, unit testing and we would like to know what are your thought about it. Do you think Is it worth the effort to train a QA to use it? Thanks
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We use the UnitTesting module a lot to help keep our code maintainable. It’s only the developers who use it at the moment, and usually the developer who wrote the original SUB writing the test to ensure it works in various cases. It’s useful when working on another developer’s microflows as it can help show any changes you’ve made have not accidentally broken the existing functionality. 

The QAs we have concentrate on testing the front end and the end to end process. This can be using a tool like ATS, Selenium, Katalon, etc.

Hope this helps