Is it possible to use wildcards in Assert actions in ATS?

Dear reader, I would like to use wildcards in actions that assert a text. For example in a dialog box. E.g. I would like to check this sentence: “The document with ID 4567 is succesfully deleted”. However, this ID is a variable number. Therefore I would like to know whether it is possible or not to use wildcards instead of this number. Is this possible? Another possibility I thought off, would be to use a combinations of below actions.  Assert Value: :containsText(The document with ID) & Assert Value: :containsText(is succesfully deleted)   Any other ideas?  
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Hi Eva,
Your proposed solution sounds pretty good to me, I doubt it will match some other element on the page.  If you want to be even more specific with your selector look at :containsRegex(regex) selector.