Mendix feature working correctly in local but not in Production env

I have implemented a logic on the Mendix page. This is perfectly working when I am running in local but its not working when i have deployed it on my production environment and running it there. What could be the reason of this discrepancy ? Also I tried to debug my Mendix application deployed on Mendix cloud while running in production env, its flow is going correctly as it should, but somehow its not giving the desired result there in Production unlike local .   Please guide me on this weird behavior ? Attaching the image for reference. Logic is such that under “My Focus Area” on left hand side pane,if entry is deleted, it will automatically delete the group Box entry on right hand pane for it. Its working in local as per this logic, but in production env, the group box is not getting deleted on right hand side on deletion of left hand side.  
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Maybe not a direct solution to your problem, but when there is a descrepancy between environments it is often caused by data being different between them. You can try to replicate the issue locally by restoring a backup of your PROD database locally:

If the issue is also there locally with your PROD database, you know it is caused by data and that will help you get a step further in your root cause analysis.