Are there workflows or guides for creating flexibility in ATS Actions, Test cases and suites?

I’ve been away from ATS for a small year or so. Now I joined the fun, back again, and I’m creating new test cases and suites. I’m trying to improve our previous way of creating test cases. But instead of reinventing the wheel myself, I was hoping some workflows or guides exist for optimising flexibility and efficiency in the whole action and test case architecture? Some context: Our platform has multiple roles, most even separated by ‘user’ and ‘admin’. To ensure that a certain action can be executed by both levels of the role, i.e. create a new client record via a wizard, exact duplicate test cases have been made, containing all those required steps, except with a different login. I’m currently trying to re-create these test cases, but with more flexibility, like how I these days model my microflows.  That means, I now have a folder per feature, containing a folder with all actions for that feature (i.e. fill page 1, 2, click next, etc.), an action that sums up those actions  (‘complete wizard’) and two testcases, that only have two actions each: Log in with specific role and execute the ‘complete wizard’ action. This way, I only have 1 Action that executes the feature and two tests that test the feature per role. For as long on role-level certain actions don’t differ, I see no reason to duplicate the whole set of steps per role. Creating a single set and re-using it efficiently, seems the better way. Long story short: Instead of reinventing the wheel, are there guides or workflows that support efficient test cases with high reusability?    To emphasize: I’m not searching for ‘how to’ guide for ATS, but rather ‘advanced ATS modelling tips’. 
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The is a webinar session coming up, see

Session 2 deals with data driven testing, this might be interesting for your case.