Use the SDK to get page informations for selenium!!

I want to use Mendix's SDK to get the details of the various elements that the app page contains, and then use them to create some java files (PageObject) and then Selenium, using the captured element information to locate elements,i don'tknow if this idea is feasible? Is information on some elements unavailable?For example, the element information of a row or column in a Table. Welcome your ideas :) Thanks in advance.
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This is theoretically feasible but would require a lot of effort. I feel like it is much easier to extract this information from the live page than the model SDK. After all in the model SDK you do not have any information about that data that will be shown and also affects conditional visibility. Furthermore, how would you deal with custom javacsript or HTML added with HTML Snippet, Javascript Snippet, FortmatString, CustomString etc. Finally, you would need to account for layouts and snippets.
So overall there are a lot of things to deal with. Certainly not as straightforward as it seems.

If you're looking to simplify selenium testing for Mendix apps you should look at ATS