Is Node.js is supported in the inbuilt actions to create a custom actions in Mendix ATS Tool ?

Hi Mendix ATS Users / Mendix Support Team, I want to know whether ‘Node.js’ code can be used to create a custom actions using inbuilt action like ‘Execute Javascript String’ in ‘Mendix ATS’ Tool. So kindly let me know is this possible in Mendix ATS?     Thank you
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Hi Indium,

Yes, ATS supports creating actions that use javascript. As you have already pointed out one such action is ‘Execute Javascript String’

This code is not running in a Node.js environment, but instead is running in the context of the browser session giving you complete and direct access to the DOM of the application under test.

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Hi Andrej Gajduk,


Thank you so much for the quick update. Currently I am checking whether we can use Node.js code to create a custom action in the inbuilt action like 'Execute Javascript String'. Because using this ‘Node.js’, I am going to verify whether the downloaded file is present in the particular folder of the system (cloud machine), after downloaded from our client application. So is this possible to automate this type of application flow in 'Mendix ATS' tool?. Kindly verify the below attached of downloaded file from our client application to be verified.


Thank You

Indium Mendix


To clarify, Node.JS is not a javascript library, it is a javascript runtime meant for writing server-side javascript.
The javascript actions in ATS run in the browser context, so it is not Node.JS. 

Javascript actions are subject to the same restrictions as any javascript running in the browser, e.g. no access to the file system. On the other hand they come with direct access to the DOM.

There is no direct way to verify that a file was downloaded or to verify the contents of that file. This is in line with ATS focus on UI testing.