How to avoid the junk data like %+- in between the words while sending the text.

Hi everyone i have created a feedback form where if i submit the feedback ,it is showing some junk values instead proper words  For example : Testing from mendix end. Result : Testing+%Cfrom+mendix?end.   Mycode:'{ "res":{"comments":"'+urlEncode($Feedback_Form/Comments)+'","name":"'+$currentUser/Name+'"}}' Because of url encode  in the code it is showing :-Result : Testing+%Cfrom+mendix?end.         2.If I put my code as:'{ "res":{"comments":"'+urlDecode($Feedback_Form/Comments)+'","name":"'+$currentUser/Name+'"}}' :Result : Testingfrommendixend.       3.If i Remove both url encode and decode in the code          '{ "res":{"comments":"'+($Feedback_Form/Comments)+'","name":"'+$currentUser/Name+'"}}'          Result is getting as expected : Testing from  Mendix      But there is an error in the below cases.     Error :When i am entering into next line while typing the feedback and submitting the feedback it is showing error.               If i am submitting the feedback with one line it is getting submitted successfully .   Do i need to change anything in the code ,in order to avoid the error .it has to submit the feedback  even when we are typing in the next line also.   Thank you in Advance .              
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If you are building a JSON string for export, you would be better using an Export Mapping as this handles the escaping for you. You can then use an Import Mapping to convert the data back to Mendix entities. Using string manipulation for data handling isn’t recommended as you can run into escaping issues.