Mendix Task Queue Async for Unit Test

Hello Everyone, We have a Java action which is executed in background in a Task Queue. The java action works perfectly fine and we can observe that it executes in the background Thread. We are supposed to write Unit tests for this Java Action.  When we invoke that Java action in a Task Queue in the background inside our Unit Test Microflow, we have observed below points. task Queue job is not created at all when we query the System.TaskQueue table Since Task queue job is never created as above, we cannot see any ProcessedTaskQueue table entry also. While trying to debug the Test microflow, upon executing the Java action in Async background, the control never comes inside the Eclipse IDE on the said Java action.   Can anybody confirm, if Mendix Microflow unit tests support Task Queue background execution or not. I have scoured through the documentation of both Mendix Unit Tests and Task Queues and did not see any mention of lack of compatibility between them.
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Since I now have the same issue, I have a question for you:

Have you solved this?