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Hi all, I have an app that is running locally.  I’m trying to access it via Phone but the connection seems broken ( both pc and Phone are under  the same wifi-network). If I try from another PC everything work fine.  Have you any idea?   thanks Mauro
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Hi Mauro

Maybe this workaround can help you? It can be a firewall issue.

 The issue

Customer are reporting an error "unable to load scrip" when testing the Mobile native app on the mobile devices using the "Make It Native" app. 

Also, they can’t see the URL in the mobile browser.

 If the firewall settings aren’t correctly configured or the computer and mobile device aren’t in the same network, Studio Pro and the "Make It Native" app can't communicate to each other.

How to reproduce the issue

Build a Native App and have your mobile phone in a different network.

  1. Run the project
  2. Locate your app’s QR code in Mendix Studio Pro by clicking the drop-down menu next to the View button, then selecting View in the Mendix App and navigating to the Native mobile tab.      
  3. Start the Make It Native app by tapping its icon on your device.
  4. Tap the Scan a QR Code button:
  5. Point your mobile device’s camera at the QR code.

It supposes to automatically launch your test app on your mobile device. But the client gets the "unable to load scrip" error in the mobile screen.

 The solution/workaround

Client needs to verify the following steps.

  • Make sure they connect the computer and the mobile device to the same network.
  • Check the firewall settings:

Open the Firewall & network protection setting in Windows, go to the advanced settings, select the Inbound Rules and scroll to the Node.js entries. They should all have a green check mark in front of them. 

If not, double-click the entry, select Allow the connection and click Apply

With the firewall settings correctly configured and both computer and mobile device in the same network. The client will see his app on the ”Make it Native” app

If above both steps don't resolve the issue, check if the network is configured as "Public" on the computer, and if so, convert it to "Private". Re-check the firewall settings, if not already allowed, and allow access to private networks too.


Root cause:  Studio Pro can’t communicate with the mobile device. With that Make It Native App can’t get the files from the modeler.



Thanks you all,…

I solved the problem.

My company changed my pc, with a newer one by applying new policies for which the PC, by default, was not visible except to members of the domain. The mobile is not under domain. By enabling the visibility and restarting the pc everything started to work.