Extend Client Request Handler to add some extra action

Can we extend the standard Mendix client  request handler. Adding a custom request handler handling links ending on ‘mylinkstohandle’ is no problem, but that restricts that custom handler to only jump to action when I call www.myapp.com/mylinkstohandle/. Instead I want to do something extra whenever my users click on any page in my application. So every time any page is called. Current idea is to do this from the requesthandler, So: How to make the RequestHandler register the visits? Seeing this on https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/runtime-server I either want a) modify the MendixClientAPI to register a pagevisit or b) add a CustomRequestHandler to only register the pagevisit and then pass the request on to the MendixClientAPI. Does it make sense and is it possible?
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If registering the visits from your user is the requirement, you can also look at adding some sort of widget, which can get the current user and the page information.

This widget if added to the master layout, should be able to capture the currentSession along with page information right.

APD also does the same.