Webpage refresh in browser deletes all my selections

Hi all, I have created an app and when I refresh the webpage in browser all my selections made are gone. I did commit objects in all my microflows so any idea what else I should do to fix this problem? Thanks in advance! Best regards, Adil
2 answers

Please check the Possibility

Used Persistable Entity only

Committed the Object

Check is any Create Xpath Restriction in Domain model

Check Dataview restrictions also



Refreshing the browser will usually open your homepage.

Refresh in the microflow on the object would just refresh the data in the client side as well.

If you’re really committing the object (and I hope it is in a persistable entity) and there is no error while modelling, it should be visible. Alternatively, you can also see if you can recreate the issue with default save from Mendix. If not, then you know something is wrong within the microflow that is created.

If this does not help, can you share more details on where you’re trying to view the details and what microflow you’ve created?

Hope this helps!