Object ID and Status

Can an object ID be used in two different status?    I am working on a project with a top level object called Job, which can have many tickets. The job has different status in can exist in: Open, Closed, In Progress, Admin Audit.    The ticket can exist in either open or closed status. A ticket stays open for a week and then it is automatically  closed. If the Job Status is Open, In Progress or Admin Audit, a new ticket is created for the new week. This automatic  process goes on until the Job Status is switched to closed.   Can my job with the same ID exist in multiple enumerated Status? Am I able to have the job in the status of In Progress and Admin Audit at the same time?    When the tickets close out weekly, I need to move all of them to Admin Audit status and then create a New Job and New ticket with the old job ID that will be in In Progress status. In essence, the same ID will be used in two different status. Could you please offer some direction. 
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In order to have a job use multiple statuses at one time, you will need to create an associated entity called JobStatus.  You can use this entity to keep track of all the statuses that apply to a job at any given point in time.


You mix to different thing.

Object ID and a Job ID

Where the object ID is an internal unique technical key used for referencing and retrieves. 

Your Job ID is a unique number for a Job, but not unique for your process data. Multiple instances of the same job, with same job ID but a different status. This ID should be created and set in your business logic > microflow

What I would do is create a job entity, and a stage entity. Where for each status transition a new stage object is created.