Hi, I’m trying to run my Mendix app locally

Hi, I’m trying to run my Mendix app locally the error shown to me is No permission to open socket or another server is already running on Some(localhost):8080: Address already in use: NET_Bind, so how can I solve this ?
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Hi Chetan,

I think you are already using the port 8080, First check if you are running any other application in that port. Then you should the kill that port by stopping that application. You can kill port using npm command also ‘npx kill-port 8080’. This will clear the port for you. If you dont want to stop that application. Then you should change the port server in mendix studio pro app settings. 





Then edit the configuration and go to server settings change the runtime port to 8081 and admin port to 8091 . This will solve your issue.




Hope this helps :)


Hi Chetan Chavan ,

It means on your localhost port: 8080 some  another server is running . So you can close those server are you can change your mendix application port.

To chaage application port go to setting and in configuration tab you will find configuration details select one which is active and under server tab you can change port no of your application.




This is due to another process running on your machine using the 8080 port.


Go to

> settings

> Configurations

> open current configuration

> runtime 

> change the runtime port to 8081.

If that one doesnt work, cause it is also used. Go up to 8082 etc 


Hi Chetan Chavan,


Go to settings → Configurations

Check the database root url port number and run time port number.

change the port number



oDo we have to update port every time ?Do we have to update port every time ?