compile and print pages that are separated by a button

Hello, My situation is: I have multiple step work instructions that consist of text and a photo. Currently you need to click a next step button to load the next page.   My question is:  If I had a 10 step work instruction can i extract all 10 steps compile them and print them off together this could either be a screenshots or just a word document/excel.
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so let me rephrase your question:

You have a 10 step wizard to collect data. After collecting data, you want to aggregate and export all in a single file. Am I right?


Answer: yes

How: Create a wizard, where you keep a single object as context, which you pass through the whole wizard. Inside the context object you can have attributes to collect data and referenced objects if needed.

Last button will save the data and create a Word document using the document generation feature or a marketplace module if you require more fancy stuff. Or create an excel file using the Excel exporter module


Hi Rene, i have a Wizard that shows a image and text for the corrisponding text, here is my page design. 

Diffrent documents have a diffrent amount of  steps in so im a bit confused on how to pull the data to a export.