Enable demo users (and selector) in docker app

Hi, is there a way to enable the demo users and its selector when running the app in a docker container (for testing, not for production, of course)? I’m asking because for our use-case, we’ll need multiple users to test the app with the demo users but we don’t want to publish it to the internet. The idea is to run it in a container in one of our internal test servers (so test users can access the app via intranet) keeping the flexibility of switching through the demo users easily, like in debug or in the sandbox.   Thank you! Corradino 
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Hi Corradino,


The best thing you can do is to create a number of account for your demo session that represent the purpose of the various demo users. With those 'real’ accounts you can login and run your demo. I dont think it would make sence, to use built-in Mendix demo users for external approach. 


Hope this will help. Good luck,



Hi Jan,

Yes it is what we’ll do, but for our specific use-case, to demonstrate quickly what each user role can do with the app, the demo-users are perfect, rather then login-logout a lot (we have about 10 user-roles). 

That’s why I was asking, if there is a workaround to enable them. We don’t care if we need to do temp changes to the app builder or somewhere else  :)

Thank you !