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hi guys,    I have to entities 1. Target and 2. Range. They are both connected with a 1-1 association. Unfortunately i’m unable to edit the value with in mendix.   Over here I just want to create a new target and add a “factor” but mendix don't let me.    
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4 things to check

  1. Does the object Range exist?
  2. Is the association set between the target and the range object
  3. Does the user have write access to the attribute factor
  4. Does the user have at least read access to the Ranga_target association 



To ensure you do have both objects available before opening the page, you need a microflow like this


Hi Steven,


If you want to create a reference between two existing objects, make sure to use the reference selector, by default Mendix won’t add this to the page. 

This will let you select an existing range object to your target object.


  1. see pic
  2. see pic
  3. security is still off, so everyone should have access to everything 
  4. same



okay guys i got it! Thank you all for your help 


Hi Steven,


The problem is that there is no Range entity created that is associated with your Target entity, so you need to create this entity and link it.

If you want to be able to edit the factor value you need to add a dataview with a Microflow as source.

This microflow creates the Range entity that is associates with the Target entity.


Another option that you have is that you create a Range entity and link it with the Target entity in the flow where you create the Target object.


I hope this helps a bit ;)