Best practices testing Mendix applications?

Hi,   we have a few hundred microflows combined into a few dozen applications that we need to test. We are looking into tools for (unit) testing the microflows and for a form of static analysis of them.   My question is about testing the applications on a system test level or end to end test level. Our testers use Tosca for automated testing, and what they are seeing is that IDs of web elements are not fixed.  They change even each time you open the application in a browser.  This is no good for testability. Do you have any suggestion on how to tackle this issue? Can developers add other html properties? If so, can this be automated so that they will never forget this?   Thanks,   Chris
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I have recently answered a similar question here:


In addition to the answer given in the other question, I can recommend that you use mx-name-{ElementName} or classnames to pin to individual items on your page. However, do not pin your xPaths on dynamic mx-name- classes, because these use the order on which they are placed on the Page document in your Mendix application. Instead, make sure your developers specify names for the elements to-be-tested in the properties of elements such as DataGrids, DataViews, etc.