Cant View App on Localhost:8080 On Specific Laptop

Hey guys, I recently noticed that I am unable to run my app locally on the localhost:8080 server.  I get a 500 error right after my app hits and comes back from our SSO provider. (See image #1 below.)  The error in the Studio Pro console says “handleAuthorization: Unable to get access token”.  (See image #2 below.)  However, I am able to run my app locally on an other laptop with my same credentials, same Mendix version, and same app commit version.  I am also able to deploy and transport my version to our cloud environments, and it works totally fine there.  Any ideas what might be causing this? Image #1 Image #2
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Most SSO providers will not allow an login from localhost:8080, je need to be on a proper web url.


Best thing you can do, is build an extra login page like:  login.notsso.html and use local credentials