Native Client side error

Hi everyone, I’m encountering a rather odd error that I’m unsure how to fix.    My native app is connected to a demo payment account, where a demo account only allows $1 transaction.  When I make a transaction of anything more that $1, it will be rejected from the payment gateway.    So as I was doing testing, the payment gateway rejected the transaction (which is expected), hence error handling from client side was a pop up message “Your transaction cannot be completed, please try again later”, which is fine up till this point.  But when I go back to the app’s home screen, anything that I click will result in the generic pop up error message.  The only way the app returns to normal is when I sign out and sign in again, or wait for a couple hours, and the problem goes away.   There is nothing showing up on the logs, and I can’t put a breakpoint in the nanoflow as well to find out where exactly is causing this issue.    Do you have any ideas on how I can troubleshoot this?    
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