Using email connector with office 365

I am attempting to give my application the ability to send emails and am trying to use  the office 365 SMTP server.    However after creating the app registration and setting up a test I get the following error.    AADSTS900971: No reply address provided.   The error message "AADSTS900971: No reply address provided" typically indicates that the redirect URL used in the authentication process is not valid or not registered in Azure Active Directory. To resolve this issue, you will need to register a valid redirect URL in your Azure AD application.   Under authentication in the azure portal what should my rederect url be? Can someone provide a dummy example?   I am also not sure what I should add to the Callback operation path when creating an OAuth provider.    Any help would be greatly appreciated.         
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See the documentation here:


Callback operation path – enter any string, based on which the callback URL will be auto-generated

I always just enter azure and the the callback URL is generated. Then copy that URL over to your Azure setting.