page refreshing when text is entered in text area inside listen to widget

Hello Guys, I'm facing a situation with the "listen-to-widget" feature, and I'm seeking your assistance.   Here's the scenario: I have a data grid where all my Signals(my data) are shown. Add the another data view in same page to show more info about signal and source as listen to widget(dataView1). Inside dataView1 added another dataView2 which source is microflow, where in microflow i have logic to set boolean value to use visibuality settings for dataView1.   Now the issue is, i want to update some data for a Siganl(my data record) which is from listen to widget(dataView1). when i entered data in the text box/ text area the page is being refreshed, and data is gone which i entered. can someone help me what need to be done, when i want to update signal from listen to widget(dataView1).   Thanks in advance..!
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