I can get my pop up page before the other pop up page?

Hi There I have a problem,    How can i add an full pop up page, which comes before the login page, like an sort of Cookie page, but then a Pop up page? I already have a login pop up page but I want this page to get it before the Login Page, what to do? Mendix version 10.4  
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Hi Quinten,


Here is the link to the Learning Path to create a custom login page:



Go Make It




What i am looking for is 2 popup pages, 


I got already the 2 popup pages, Cookie and Login but the order needs to be differrent, how do i do that?

The Order needs to be: 

1. Cookie

2. Login page


Now the order is: 1 Login, 2 Cookie but i cant find where to set the order different?

Please help me with the steps :)


Also I am Dutch btw