The excel export functionnality is not working anymore in our app

Hi Mendix Community, We are currently using an app (still in the sandbox phase) that includes a feature for exporting data to Excel, with two available formats: xlsx and csv. About two weeks ago, we noticed that exporting to Excel was no longer possible. The loading button spins indefinitely, and the system fails to generate the file. However, exporting to csv has continued to function until today. As a result, we are unable to export our data and generate our reports. The issue does not seem to stem from the code, as everything was working fine without any changes made to it. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Could it be a memory issue? Thank you all for your assistance! :) Mazin  
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Are you using Export to Excel module?  Or the Export button available with Datagrids?  Have you looked at the logging for the server when trying to export to see if there are any error messages generated?  How about browser console logs - anything useful in those?



How many rows are you trying to export?  Are you trying to export more rows now that you did when it was working?  If you limit the number of rows in the datagrid (using search criteria) to a small number does the export work?




I'm using the button available with datagrids.

i just retried, it seems that we can now export in csv again but still not in excel.

I'm attaching the log from yesterday 19/03, who is displaying a few errors.