JMeter executing runtime operation failed for security reasons

Hi all,   We are trying to get JMeter to work for our app so we can do some load testing. We (think we) have the correct CSRF token, XASSESIONID and xasid extracted using regex/json, and the username/password combo that we use to login works if we use it ourselves in the browser, and has the rights to call all the necessary microflows.   However, if we run it in JMeter, after the initial login and get_session_data calls, we get the error 'executing runtime operation failed for security reasons'. I am aware this is generally an issue with entity access or microflow rights, but those are all correct as we can use them when we test it ourselves. Any idea how this could happen?   This is on Mendix 10.6.4 but the studio pro version selector does not go higher than 10.6.1.
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