Mendix Service not starting up

Hi,   In the mendix service console, i am trying to start a mendix service after successful deployment of the package. But the service shows 'starting' and is stuck there. Where can i see logs for this in the console? Can you please provide me suggestions to debug it?
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Hi Nancy,

  Just a shot in the dark here, but do your have your secutiry settings set to 'production'?  In order to start up a deployment you must activate production secutiry.

  If that is not the issue, then looking at the logs is the best bet.  Since you mention the Mendix Service Console, I assume that you are using an on-premise deployment.  If that is the case, then the log files are stored at:


Where <Project_Home> is the value you specify for 'Location of App and Server Files' when doing the installation of the service console as outlined in the documentation here:

Do those logs have any helpful information in them?