ATS: is it possible to use ATS for testting of my data within my application? (customer question)

Customer Questions. Within my application I want to test the data that is used to fill an insurance form. It's a lot of data, and the outcome of filling this data determines the monthly cost of the insurance policy.
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You can use ATS for testing your data within your application. You can use a datasheet (Excel) with you different data records within one test scripts. The test script will test every single record. For example:

Amount            Price               Outcome

10                      2.50                25

5                         1                    5  


The Excel sheet has in this case two records. The same test script will automatically run two times using the records data. If you have 100 records it will run a hundred times. You can even use the column ‘Outcome’ to check if the calculation between the column ‘Amount’ and ‘Price’ is ok.