Conditional checks in test scripts in ATS?

Hi all, I have built a test script in ATS with several test steps. Some steps should only be executed if a certain condition is met. Can I insert conditional checks at any point in the testing script?
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Hi Tanja,

Yes, ATS allows the user to set precondition checks at every test step in the script. When you select the test step you can see the checkbox ‘precondition’. When you check this box you can enter an action as precondition. Usage example: The user can make ATS skip steps based on the outcome of a previous step, by setting the action ‘assert not null’ as precondition and setting the outcome from another step as input parameter. When the outcome of the earlier step is null the precondition will fail and the step won’t be  executed. When the outcome of the earlier step isn’t null the precondition will be successful and the step will be executed.

I hope this anwers your question!