Same steps in various test scripts

Hi, When I create test scripts for the administrator account, I always perform the same steps in the beginning, clicking through menu items etc. Do I always have to enter the same steps again or is it possible to create a reusable module?
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With ATS you can easily combine test steps in a custom action (building block). These custom actions can then be selected with every test script you use. Changes made in this custom action are implemented ATS wide, therefore, it allows for faster adapting to new deployments. When inside your test scripts, just select the steps you want to combine in a custom action and click the button ‘Extract action’. Now give your custom action a fitting name. Usage example: the user can combine the test steps for accessing a new quote in to a custom action and call it ‘New quote’. Every test script can then use this ‘New quote’ action speeding up the process of creating test scripts.