Audit on our app?

Hello, in the near future we will have an auditing process for our Mendix app. In order to pass the audit we need to test our app and document these tests, does ATS have functionalities to support this?
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Hi Paul,

The tools that are out there which might be useful for your case: 

Runtime tools (used once you have an app running):

- ATS is very good for automated testing (run-time)

- APM is meant for performance analytics en optimization (run-time)

Design time tools (part of your development process)

- AQM is a tool from Mendix/SIG which focusses on measuring quality based on ISO 25010 using the Mendix Model API.

- Omnext Fit Test is a tool which also focusses on measuring quality based on community best practices using the Mendix model API ( as well 

Also I've you want to have an expert looking at your application to review and audit the app you can either contact Mendix or a Mendix partner (like Appronto, where I'm working at) to review your application. The reviews that we perform includes a Fit Test analysis. 


Yes, ATS has a one click report function. A PDF report will be produced containing the results of all your test scripts and their execution date. This PDF report function is also possible for your test scripts, giving a detailed report of the test script and the steps it takes. The overall report can be retrieved by pressing the ‘PDF’ button in the ‘Dashboard’ menu, this will create a pdf report of the projects current status. The test script report can be retrieved by pressing the ‘PDF’ button when inside your test script.