Can ATS test a Google Captcha?

Hi all, I just received this question from a customer and thought I would post it, because more customers might have the same question: " In our app we use a Google captcha when creating accounts. We want to use ATS to create test account, but in order to that we need to pass the Google captcha. Is it possible to test a Google Captcha using ATS?"     
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Hi Tanja,

As a functional testing tool ATS will simulate a user on your app, however the captcha is meant to distinguish machine from human. So you should not be able to pass the captcha. What you could do is create a negative test that asserts it doesn’t work, this way you can test that the captcha cannot be passed. So you cannot create the accounts this way using ATS, but at least you know that it works.

Hope this helps you to answer the question!