Debug while playing test case?

Hello, we have built several large test cases and it fails every time at the last few steps. To find out if our fix works, we have to play the entire test case again. We use Browserstack as our selenium provider. Is it possible to debug while playing a test case?
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In addition to Jordy, if you have 1 specific case you want to test of those cases. You can enable debugging and add "Breakpoint conditions"  so the debugger will only be triggerded based on some conditions. To do this, rightclick in a microflow on an action activity and select "Edit breakpoint conditions". 


I think you can hook up your debugger at one of the environments and it should just trigger a breakpoint whenever selenium executes an action, but I think selenium will try to continue the test script whenever you are blocking the actions with your debugger so maybe you could use something like a blocking progess bar in order to stop this?