Scripting the Service Console?

To create scripted windows based environments, performing the steps in the service console from the command line would be a great help. Is it possible to perform the following actions from the command line? Configure service settings Setup app (extract mda, create settings.yaml, download correct runtime version) Configure DB settings Start/Stop the application   If we can script these steps, is there any documentation?   Some context of what we're trying to achieve: We have a working setup creating temporary test environments to run our automated tests in docker using a modified cf-buildpack dockerfile and jenkins. This runs fine in linux, but we'd like to be able to create a windows-based container that allows running such temporary test environments. 
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Check this topic: for the start/stop commands.

Mainly Andrej's answer.


I've seen that, but it seems these are useful only when you have a configured server? Or am I missing some essential point somewhere?
I get stuck converting my cloud-built MDA to a running application in my local gui-less windowsservercore image.



Found a way to perform all Service console work from script. I'll try to create a windows based container as a proof of concept