Logging / Debugging in Mendix Cloud

I have a Microflow that calls a webservice that runs fine locally, but fails on the webservice in the Mendix cloud. (I have other webservices working in the cloud and I've used the debugger to confirm it fails on webservice) When running locally I would use the console to see what the errors are and work from there. However, in the cloud I seem to be hitting a wall on getting the logging to work.  Does anyone have any references on how to 'recreate' the console view from the local modeler to the cloud?  
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Do you have custom error handling setup on the web service call? With custom error handling you can write a message to the log with a stack trace, and then view it in the logs for the environment you are using. In the sprinter portal, if you click details on the environment you want, theres a button called "view current log".


Also, you can also adjust the log levels for certain nodes. If you go to the details of the environment, theres a tab called "log levels" and you can change the level from info to trace.


Here is a link to custom error handling documentation




I am able to see the error message using a breakpoint in the debugger, this seems to be reliable enough. Thanks!