unable to identify the values in edit box

Hi  my application is developed on Mendix platform, we have edit boxes which will populate  values after clicking on 'standard Cost' as shown in scree n shot, now by firefox or selenium iDE ( with MendixNameLocatorBuilder.js file) iam unable to read or identify the edit box value this issue is very crucial to me, please help to read or identify the edit box value regards, Prabhakar
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Hi Prabhakar

it appears you are trying to test your application with selenium, my suggestion is to first try the tutorial here on your local application: https://docs.mendix.com/howto6/testing-mendix-applications-using-selenium-ide, then make sure you have added the MendixNameLocatorBuilder.js file as a selenium ide extension as per installation instructions, compare the step results of you different runs. The MendixNameLocator was last updated 2 years ago and may not support your current platform version and may need manual adjustments. Good luck.