Testing with HTTP requests

I am currently writing some Cypress-based tests for our Mendix application, and I'm writing a test which logs in to the application programmatically using HTTP requests rather than manipulating the GUI. I can log in successfully, get session info, get user objects, etc. But, when the user logs in, a microflow is run which returns a non-persistent entity with some information that is displayed on their dashboard. A weird thing I am seeing in looking at how to do this in the Cypress test, is that if I look in Chrome dev tools at the HTTP request which calls this microflow, the object that is returned from the microflow in the HTTP response has all 0 or null values, and yet there are real values displayed in the GUI on the dashboard. Does anyone know what is going on here? The object is set to 'refresh in client' at the end of the microflow, so perhaps it has something to do with this, but how then do I programmatically get the values which are being displayed on the dashboard without reading them out of the actual page? Where are the values coming from if not from the object returned from the microflow? Thanks for your help! ------------- EDIT: As a bit of extra information, if I do this on my local environment with a breakpoint set in this microflow, I see the non-persistent entity get created, get assigned values, and get returned at the end of the microflow, but still the HTTP response that I get in the browser shows all 0 or null values.
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