UI Testing with Katalon Studio

Hello, I was planning to unit test the UI developed for a project per mendix best practices.  The Selenium IDE extension referred in the mendix best practices is no longer supported by Firefox.  I tried Katalon Studio instead which is considered a replacement for Selenium IDE and supported by Chrome and Firefox browser. However, the automation recorder always fails to play during the "Click" action on the navigation pane. Is Katalon Studio the recommended tool for UI testing going forward or What is mendix recommendation now since Selenium IDE is unsupported?
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Hi Prassana,

The standard recommendation for automated testing is Mendix Application Test Suite (ATS). ATS contains the recording and UI unit testing features you're looking for, plus it integrates directly with the Mendix project management portal, and it has API hooks for your CI/CD pipeline.

If you'd still like to use Katalon, we can try to help you debug the issue here. Can you share the script for the step that is failing? My assumption is that the Selenium target/selector didn't script itself correctly in the recorder.