User system running commit action for 2857 seconds

Hi, Does anyone know of a good way to identify from where this commit action in the figure comes? When looking at other things running at the moment there are nothing that have been executing for nearly as long as this one. EDIT: Could this be an event handler? Before or after commit? If so, it would have been nice if the entity to which it was connected was added in the message  2nd EDIT: I do get a lot of these logs first: Warning: Request state size of 101 objects exceeds the threshold of 100 objects. Request details: type 'executeaction' in session Then I get warnings for this type " Query executed in 11 seconds and 453 milliseconds: SELECT DISTINCT " until a warning about "Database connections: 50 active, 0 idle.". After that the first error shows up "Opening JDBC connection to Some( failed with SQLState: null Error code: 0 Message: Cannot get a connection, pool error Timeout waiting for idle object Retrying...(1/4)" As Roland says it is quite likely that I have a deadlock somewhere the question is where.
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