Performance of ATS test runs

What can influence the performance of the executed tests in ATS? The Selenium instance is not executed on the Mendix cloud right? Kathy
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Hey Kathy,

The selenium instance is indeed not running on the Mendix cloud. This component can either be deployed on-premise or at one of the professional Selenium hosting providers like BrowserStack or SauceLab. The instance is then running in that environment.

There are several components that can influence the test run:

  • The network speed can influence the test execution, as ATS needs to make a connection to the Selenium server and the Selenium server to the AUT.
  • The way the test case is designed
  • Performance of the hosting environment (MxCloud)
  • Performance of ATS, the Selenium endpoint and the AUT

 So that is why a test run duration is likely not the same each time.

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